Sam & Max the Freelance Police


In late 1996 at Nelvana on the referral of Goran Delic–the lead designer on the show–I was hired on from the design dept to ink backgrounds over simple liner layout art for the Sam & Max cartoon series run on Fox in 1997.

They wanted a very strong stylistic look to the art, so the work was all done using a Pentel Brush Pen and White Out. It was my first time doing a lot of inking with a brush, had to learn fast on the job but inside of a week I was getting consistent results to the satisfaction of the director. By the end of this job I was in love with inking with brushes.

This is what the layouts looked like when we got them…

…and this is what we were doing to them.

Not at all like the look of Steve Purcell’s original comic, this was a stylistic adventure on the part of the studio.

These B&W pages were then coloured digitally in the paint dept, and matched back with the animation. It was a demanding job. We had to do 5 or 6 of these a day on average as I recall.

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