Where the Wildthings Went

Sendak’s story of Max and the Wild Things has always been a favorite of mine since I was young, I was raised on his books. This short was done shortly after I moved to Montreal in 1997, and has been published a few times, including in the original, and later colour edition of Revolver One.

The image at the start was done some years later as a commission for a friend and is the cover for Revolver Zero. Returning to the theme, depicting a Sendak beast flying over Montreal ET style on a tricycle. I was flirting with learning Japanese at the time as I embarked on starting to learn French after moving to the city.

I never went anywhere with that, turns out I have a very poor faculty for new languages, a combination of cognitive issues that make it all take a LOT more practice than average, and limited time and means as a hustling freelancer.