Honour Bound – The Exile of Adolf Busch


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The ARC Ensemble (Artists of the Royal Conservatory) released “Two Roads to Exile” (RCA Red Seal/Sony Masterworks) in May 2010. The CD features two exiled composers from Germany, Adolf Busch (1891-1952) and Walter Braunfels (1882 – 1954).

As a way to promote and support that album I was contacted last summer about working on a short “graphic novel” style music video in collaboration with ARC. The plot of the short depicts the story of Adolf Busch’s last months in Germany in 1933.

This was a fascinating project that continues to inspire ideas for me about future comics narratives I’d like to explor.


I composed each ‘frame’ in multiple animatiable layers with the idea they would be fully animated using After Effects. Short, it consists of about 44 frames/panels and runs 6 minutes in length.

Take a moment to watch and learn more about “the German violinist”. The was well received and after it’s run on BRAVO it got posted to the web so i’ve embedded it here in full. I enjoyed doing this. Directed by James Murdoch and produced by Simon Wynberg [of ARC] and James Murdoch.

To be honest I’m not entirely happy with how the art was animated in the end. A lot of the movement I built into the work wasn’t really utilize by the video editor who had limited experience with motion graphics. Would love to have a go at that myself some time.