Hi there!

For commercial illustration work, write with your query!
A rate sheet can be provided on request.

I no longer offer sketch commissions outside of in person con-sketches.

I’m not really doing much comics work for other people these days either, but here’s my rates.
Rates are by page/unit. They do not include my IP in the work.
For that [negotiable] typically double the rate.

Full Colour Cover art:
Depending on complexity and publications run#, $800-$1000.

Interior page layouts/pencil roughs: $100 per page.
B&W inked line art [no tones]: $400 per page.
B&W art w tones: $500 per page.
Colour Interior pages: $650 per page.
Colours for others: $150
Lettering; By hand: $50; Digital: $20 per page.
Writing: $75 per page.