A Bastards Tale | Key

The second story in the A Bastards Tale series. For me, this is a memoir story about how my father introduced me to the idea of just how huge the universe, and turned me onto science and philosophical #thinking as a kid. It shapes a lot about who I’ve become, that night under the stars.

And yep, he really did take me on his motorbike when I was small, strapped to his stomach with a long leather belt. Later I sat behind him. But I think he got that I found it frightening sometimes eventually, and far more often we took one of his cars. Work is mixed media on paper in B&W as a rule, tinted digitally. Much of it was done as isolated drawing and composted in Photoshop to create the smooth ‘rolling transitions’ effect I was after.

If you look for it there’s an Easter egg on page 7 that notes when I was turned off Zionism as well, cemented as I witnessed the first intifada paly out in the news but even before that. I’ve since learned to recognize how the political ideology is NOT intrinsic to Jewish religious practice or identity, but it was a big part of making me turn away from any kind of religious practice at the time.

And again, you can read it in print, in Revolver Zero! Get that here.