Morbius the Living Vampire #25 ‘Drainage System’ Marvel Comics 1994

Plot: Morbius goes in search of a vampire fetish club where he was able to get an ethically kosher meal in the past, and stumbles on a cult led by a crazy man who idolized him, and is now sacrificing homeless men to his own image of as “Blood Leader”.

Art wise I’ve always liked this one, I drew a 10 page Vampire story titled ‘Drainage System’ Scripted by Karl Bollers who I later collaborated on Muties with.

I was invited back to do more issues on the strength of this short, but after getting a look at the scripts by the regular writer I took a pass on it. Like the idea of the character though he feels underdeveloped often.

Art by Max Douglas, story by Karl Bowlers.
Colors by John Kalisz and Letters by Janice Chang.
Edited by Bobbie Chase.