This was a fun little job I did with a couple of jamming friends. Josh Dolgin & Jesse Brown. A couple of younger doodlers I’d met through the Comix Jams in Montreal!

They had a deadline for a grant to make a short animated film, and needed a storyboard faster than they could draw themselves, so I lent my hands.

It didn’t end up reflecting the final film they made but they needed something to pitch that was in keeping with what they were aiming for, so they made it up on the fly and I drew what they came up with in that draft I drew out one night at Jesse’s loft.

7 pgs done in an 8hr session. It was a lot of fun to do with them. We had a blast. Unfortunately the text that went with this has been lost, so you get to make up your own story now too!

They went on to make this pretty cool little short film. I’ve embedded the first act here.

Still called 500 Pound Planet but a lot more complex than what we hashed out. The storyboard we came up with still works as a short pitch board I think.

It was all done with felt pens with minimal underdrawing. They had the models for a lot of the characters made already so I had those handy to draw from which helped a lot.