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I’m often asked by students
what to use for corrections over ink…

Historically I’ve been a heavy user of Pelikan Graphic White, an artists’ Gouache i’ve relied on for over 20 years now! But, Pelikan has discontinued it, so I needed to find a new alternative to use both for myself and my students in Dynamic Drawing. I have been leaning on Pentel presto correction pens a lot, but they lack the finesse Pelikan Graphic White offered.

So, I picked up a few options. A white ink from Dr.Ph.Martins, some poster paint Gouache from ShinHan, Dr.Ph.Martins Bleed Proof White, and Daler Rowney LUMA Bleed Proof White. I compared them against my Pentel presto correction pens and the Uni-ball Signo broad gel pens i’ve been trying out the last year.

To cut to the chase I recommend the Bleed Proof formulas from both Daler-Rowney, and Dr.Ph.Martin’s!

Watch the clip for the details, but they even beat out my old favorite Pelikan Graphic White, holding out and not reacting to water based inks where the Pelika did! Amazing.

They also depending on application, offer a good surface for some ink or graphite rendering to be done over it.

This is about everything you could want from a white paint for drawing with!

There’s other kinds of paint out there, here’s some links to other tests –  ‘White Ink: A New Player in Town‘ – ‘JetPens Guide to Choosing White Gel Pens and Markers‘ – ‘White-ink Pen Tests‘ – ‘How to get the perfect white-out consistency‘ –

But the ones in my clip are white paints and inks I was able to find in Montreal! Check out the materials list page for the list of stores I use.

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