#ThisMAIfreeArt; TCAF; and FBDM!

It’s May, and I’ve got a few things to catch you up with that are going on this month!

This May, Free Art with us!

We want to free it from exploitative extractive generative AI capture and training without consent or licence! And encourage people’s human right to true self expression, rather than resorting to gamified prompting engines for a simulacrum of it.

Human Made Arts’ is founded by a group of artists and our tentpole action for May starting with International Workers Day, is a 31 day art challenge! We created prompts to use to inspire some drawing fun, or work in ANY human driven medium. Share the results of yours with the hashtags #ThisMAIFreeArt and #HumanMadeArts along with others like #NoAI.

If you join in, tag our social medial platforms in your posts too so we can re-share them! You’ll find those linked off of the landing page here. You don’t have to be a great artist! Just a Human. support the cause of human creativity and ethical treatment of our creative labour.

Look forward to seeing your art! Here’s the first prompt list, and the first 7 days of Daily Counter Prompts. The daily cards are inspired by Oblique Strategy cards, and can be used as foils against the daily prompts on the list or on their own.

And here are my first 5 days of work for the challenge!

I know there’s a few typos, I’ve fixed those for a little free zine I’ll be giving out at festivals this month and later posts and publishing. But posting here as they appeared on my Instagram FB and other social media.

It’s Festival Season!

I’m not big on comic conventions these days but I love a good comics festival! I’m not tabling at TCAF but going to go hang out and see folks for the first time in years there! I was a Juror for the Doug Wright Awards so thought that was good enough an excuse to go.

But later in the Month I will be tabling at FBDM! My table is D30 Between Mount-Royal and Marie-Anne!

I’ll have my usual at the table: My independent books, prints, and the zines collecting my first 5 days of the #ThisMAIfreeArt stuff too! Hope to see some of you at either of those, come by and say Hi if nothing else!

Ok that’s it for now! Hope you’re having a good one, or at least as good as can be expected.