The other sites & sounds of Salgood Sam


I don’t just make comics.

I’ve always been interesting in many forms or art and media, I hosted and produced a radio show in Toronto in the 90s for 7 yrs at CIUT, and intermittently podcast today, and enjoy making field recordings as a relaxing exercise in listening.

I grew up with cameras and have always taken pictures, it’s one of my favourte ways to make images aside from drawing in ink. And I have a growing interest in making films these days, currently I’m developing ideas for short films and things I can use on my YouTube channel.

I’ll be flushing out this aspect of the site over time but for now here’s links to where you can find my multimedia work online.

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My YouTube Stream, I try to post something new every month. Most of it right now is art related but in the future I plan to have more short story and documentary content. Subscribe to keep up with it directly.


My current audio work is hosted on Mixcloud, you can play and subscribe to it there.

Here’s a set of recent photography, I’ve recently been using a Canon EOS M, I used to use a Nikon F, but for digital cameras I like the smaller form factor of point and shoots over DSLR, the EOS M is a nice trade off between the compact size of my S95, and the larger sensor and changeable lenses of a DSLR.

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