Visual Storytelling in Cinema

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In my post “Like moving pictures, but not” I specifically talk about some of the ways Sequential Art and Cinema are different; How there are things comics can do that are completely unique to it.

That said there are many ways in which they are similar and certainly a lot can be learned about telling a story with pictures, from the study of cinema. Filmmakers have taken symbolism and staging within a frame, with or without sound, to the level of a high art. I’ve created a playlist of clips that analyze film and draw out lessons any comic artists could find informative here. I recommend getting a cup of something and sitting down to watching them over the course of a few session.

This playlist features the great work of several youtube critics and filmmakers: In order of appearance; ‘Every Frame a Painting‘; ‘The A to Z Review‘; ‘Cleos Thoughts‘; Steven Benedict; ‘Twin Perfect‘; Krzysztof Kieslowski; & Terry Gilliam! I will update and add more over time as i find them. Feel free to send me recommendations!