Snakes Ladders & Closure: The Mechanics of Comics Art

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This is presentation/set of talks I’d given several times over the years in different forms. As a series of classes, shortened for talks at comics festivals, and this playlist was created for student patrons on Patreon when I still had one active.

It’s designed to encapsulate all the fundamentals of the mechanics of comics art. It’s very dense, so you might want to watch the four clips over a few days and take lots of notes to take it all in? But if you want a fast crash course in understanding how they work it’s bingeable in just over an hour and a half [1h34m48s]. Less if you skip my pre and post ambles.

In this series I reference work done by Scott McCloud, Jessica Abel, and Matt Madden among others. And show some images taken from their books as examples. You can find their books at the following links. Scott McCloud’s ‘Understanding Comics’, Scott McCloud’s ‘Making Comics’. Jessica Abel and Matt Madden’s ‘Drawing with words & writing with pictures’

I also reference the work of Neil Cohn, Ph.D. and his studies of how people read comics pages. His work is fascinating, I just scratch the surface here, you should really look into it!

The patreon I mention in the clip is closed, so just ignore and skip ahead past that at the ends of the four clips.