My Comics Processes!

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Lets start at the beginning!

A comic from Yummy Fur 20 by Chester showing how he builds his pages.
Cover art of Yummy Fur #20

I detailed doing thumbs here, penciling here, layout and flow here. But there are so many ways to make comics, you can make your own process as you go if you like, or customize those of your roll models to suit you. Never feel obligated to do this one particular way.

Most people draw their pages on a single sheet/page. But you can in fact do the panels as separate parts and assembled them too. Chester Brown historically worked mostly with a fixed panel size and assembled his pages panel by panel.

A These are a set of YouTube clips giving a walk through of how I develop comics pages from notes to thumbs to pencils, inks and on! Each subject is getting dedicated posts as well, but this one serves as an overview of it all.

So yeah, what you see in these clips are not even close to the only way to make comics, but it’s how I do it a lot of the time.

Here’s a livestream I did on Facebook for the school.  I ramble on again about how i make comics and some of my favorite tools. If you address questions to me on the post on FB i’ll still try to respond quickly so feel free.

Here you can watch me do the thumbs for some pages…

…Then the inks…

…And tones in pencil and ink wash!