Work Blog Update : Half a year back in Animation!

What up everyone!

So I’m coming up on a month of working on the new show? My time on season 5 of F is for Family was quite the ride. Straight up fun for preproduction for 3 months, once things got under way with the main production period and I took on supervising three departments, it was a bit intense!

But I got it done, and with the help of a great crew my departments were pretty well positioned when animation got underway. I think I might have even been ok at the job! Got a lot of praise from the director so yeah, hopefully did not wrap up my departments with too much suckage! Pleased with all that. The image here is my likeness as an extra, you’ll spot me and a bunch of the crew in the crowds watching the Thanks Giving parade! ;) Not really suposed to show anything but I think I can take a small liberty with this one given I posted the head on social media already. :D

The Next Thing

On the new show I’m just a prop designer, by request. Wanted some comparative down time after that run. I’m also helping with some of the Sup work and doing a bit of detailing for Backgrounds, so far it’s pretty good.

I have been working on my own comics very very slowly, it seems like it’s been longer than 7 months since last Oct, the routine and and regular income have been good for things on the personal front, I’ve got a stack of things backlogged to get done for old Dracula Kickstarter backers still, some art to ship and need to figure out what we’re doing for the hand full of high end leather bound books.

The print edition of that book is finally coming out this coming September from Dark Horse Comics, with all the hiccups along the way I’m a bit holding my breath until one in my hands though to be honest. But fingers crossed, there will be no more delays there.

Patreon has been on payment hold all year, been thinking about what I’ll do with that in terms of long term plans. Not sure yet. Not sure how long I’ll be in animation but right now it’s a good thing for my future plans economically so will have to consider if I keep it around, revamping dramatically.

I thought I’d post an update but that’s all there really is to say for now, you can catch live streams with me over on youtube now and then still, I’m up about once a week still. I’ll leave you with this page from the latest instalment of A Bastards Tale, and see you around the inter webs!